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VOCORD ParkingControl

Software for automated license plate recognition and vehicles access control
on car parks, territories of business centers, dwelling complexes and guarded sites

What a customer receives
Technical characteristics
feature vocord parking control


License plate
Detection of
parking violations
Export to the
police data center
License plate check
in the police database


  1. High reliability of license plate recognition. The system employs one of the best recognition engines, developed exclusively for the system of traffic violations photo fixation VOCORD Traffic and adapted for operation on the parking site. The reliability of license plate recognition is 96-100% on average.
  2. Geographically distributed architecture provides possibilities for unlimited scalability of the system and allows to add to it new cameras without halting operation or losing the previous investments.
  3. Simplicity of implementation. VOCORD ParkingControl can be purchased as software with a software protection key and recommendations on the setup to build the system on the existing or independently purchased equipment.
  4. System loophole protection. If the cameras are mounted on the entry and exit points, the system compares license plates, recognized before the barrier and after it. If the license plate was recognized only once, after the barrier, it means that the vehicle entered the site tailgating the previous one in an attempt to cheat the automated license plate recognition system. In this case the guard receives an alarm signal about the violation.
Technical characteristics
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