Вокорд. Системы видеонаблюдения, распознавания лиц, фотофиксации нарушений ПДД, аудиорегистрации

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
Maximum allowable vehicle’s speed for effective recognition 300 km/h for radar method of speed measuring, 255 km/h for optical method
Accuracy of recognition of the License Plates
Capability of contaminated number plates recognition subject to evently contaminated number plates
The minimum allowable image contrast of the number plate is 5%
Types of recognizable number plates Single-line and two-lines. Types: 1, 1А, 1Б, 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20. Countries: Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, India, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Number plates of other countries may be implemented in the system after request
The width of the control zone of one camera / device From 9,5 to 16 meters depends on the model
The length of the control zone of one camera / device
From 12 to 40 meters
Length of the control zone for complex measurement of an average speed
From 500 meters and more (Unlimited)
Subject to allowable road bend: the difference between the distances from the starting control point to the final control point, measured on the right and left side of the road, is not exceed 1%
Maximum space from complex to registration zone and recognition of the vehicle
160 meters
Height of mounting of the video cameras
From 4 to 12 meters
Maximum quantity of the vehicles on each frame
The equipment can be mounted on any roadside pillars without constructing of additional supports
Minimum Illumination in the control zone
Maximum tilt of the camera without loss of accuracy of recognition
Not more than 35º in any plane
The maximum allowable offset of the vehicle license plate to the plane of the road
Not more than 15º in any plane
Data channels
The manual unload is also possible from the control point by Wi-Fi
Operation mode
Fully automatic, 24/7/365
Data storage time on the complex on loss of communication
24 hours as a minimum. An average of 3 days and more, depends on the street server model (bundled)
Electronic signature at the complex
The ability to setting up the controlled traffic direction
Approaching or receding vehicles
Capabilities of connection of extraneous databases
Mode of registration of each vehicle
Yes, automatic
Operating temperature
-50 - +50 ºС
Average service life
10 years
Warranty period
2 years
Calibration interval
2 years